Services, Detailing and Rust Protection

We provide the following detailing services:

  • Interior Vacuum / Interior Shampoo (Seats, Mats, and Carpets)
  • Clean/Condition Leather & Vinyl / Clean & Dress Dash, Vents, Door Jambs
  • Interior/Exterior Glass Clean / Exterior Wash and Chamois / Tires Cleaned and Dressed
  • Exterior Hand Wax / Exterior Power Buff / Engine Clean
  • Salt -X Treatment 
  • Headlights Polished / Paint Overspray Removal / Tar Removal / Odour Removal


Annual Rust Protection is a honey-coloured, petroleum/wax based product. It has excellent penetrating qualities that enable it to go through any existing rust and to bond to healthy metal to provide protection. It also has excellent “creep” qualities so it gets into all the little nooks and crannies to protect those areas where rust likes to develop.

Annual Rust Protection is a moisture dispelling, non-drip formula that stays on your vehicle to provide protection for your vehicle, eliminating driveway or garage floor mess and stains.

We don’t drill holes in a vehicle for application. Drilling holes in a vehicle exposes untreated metal to the elements and a plug may not do a good enough job in protecting the untreated surfaces that those holes create. Manufacturers design vehicles with drain holes in strategic areas, like doors and rocker panels, to prevent water from collecting in those areas. Our undercoating wands are designed to pass through these drain holes enabling us to spray protection into those areas.

Annual Rust Protection is applied to the undercarriage, wheel wells, door pillars and hinges, engine compartment, hood panel, trunk compartment, tailgate and trunk lid as applicable.


  • Cars                                               $129 + tax
  • Trucks and Vans*                        $149 + tax
  • Motorhomes and Trailers       $10 per foot
  • *Dual wheels may be extra                                              .

For additional pricing, quotes  and appointments please contact us.

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