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2022 Gala Montecarlo 1900LX



1,386 km









Autonomy for 2 people for more than a week with renewable energy.

Two maintenance-free AGM 6-volt auxiliary batteries.
Use of optimized solar energy with solar panels totaling up to 200 Watts with controller.
Control center: digital voltmeter and ammeter for energy management. These functions let you know at any time how much energy you are spending and accumulating.
2000w pure sine wave inverter.
Marine AC-DC circuit-breaker panel with reverse polarity detector.

Astronomical fresh water and waste water tanks!
Fresh water and gray water tanks each contain 45 gallons U.S. (170 liters), about the double in capacity than other similar vehicles!
The black water tank contains 18 U.S. gallons (68 liters).
Full enclosed bathroom with the largest shower in its category.
Porcelain toilet with toilet rinse.
Shower curtain surrounding the toilet for optimized shower use.
Outside shower.
Independent vanity with sink, storage and mirror.

State-of-the-art household appliances and equipment.
5 cu. ft. refrigerator (141 liters) operating at 110 volts, 12 volts, and propane with stainless steel door.
Propane-operated stove, with 2 built-in burners and a stainless steel sink.
Built-in microwave oven with stainless steel surface.
Silent furnace 14,300 BTU, propane and electric, with 4 exit zones, including one inside the bathroom.
Propane and electric water heater with electronic ignition.
19'' high-definition 12-volt LED television with swivel bracket and DVD player.
High-definition television antenna and signal amplifier built into the roof.
AM / FM / CD multimedia center with front and rear speakers.
Fantastic fan 12-volt with variable speed, with roof lid.
Air conditioning on roof 11'000 BTU.
Level indicator (fresh water, gray water, black water, batteries).
Water heater derivation for simplified winterization.
All-in-one drain and winterization.
20 LB interchangeable propane tank (sufficient space to install a 30 LB tank).
Robust electric front step.

Comfortable and luxurious amenities
Low-consumption LED lighting with dimmer.
Optimized storage space, calculated precisely for the most used personal effects.
European style cabinets with rounded corners and automatic locks.
Cabinets in light plywood without particle wood, very resistant to moisture.
Invisible hinges.
Solid surface molded fiberglass countertops with gloss finish.
Stainless steel appliances.
Electric dinette that easily converts into a "zero-effort" bed.
Premium seating and cushion mattresses.
Two single beds or King bed.
Very large pantry.
Day and night blinds.
Front bistro table with removable post and swivel seats.
Removable mosquito nets for rear and side doors.
12-volt outdoor LED lights on patio side and service bay side.
Electrical sockets 110 volts.

Storage for everything you need.
External storage compartment for electric wire and water hose.
Specific compartment designed to house a sewer pipe (gasoline model only).
Storage spaces for chairs, table, bbq, golf bags, fishing rods, and more (accessories not included).
Safety deposit box.

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