1998 Chev Corvette

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Stock# : 05

Mileage : 17,947 kms    

Price : $26,999.00

Description :  Beautiful  1998 Chevy Corvette glass top in silver metallic.

Engine: 5.7L (LSI), 345 hp.  6 speed manual transmission.

Purchased new by a nineteen year old in New York City.  This was his car, which his parents bought for him to travel back and forth to the university he was attending while his parents remained in Hong Kong.  Three months later he was called back home due to his father’s illness.  He put the car in heated storage covered over with a car cover and a steel cable with a lock so no one could see the car. The car sat for 19 years in heated storage, then since he wasn’t returning to the USA, he got a friend to get it completely serviced and readied for the road again.   

It was purchased and brought to Canada in the summer of 2017 with 8,900 miles on it and was then traded at our business.  It still has the new car smell!

Contact us for more information or if you have a trade you wish us to consider.

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