Custom 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500, 1000+WHP

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Stock# : 08

Mileage : 13,016 kms    

Price : $69,000

Description : Custom built, street legal, balanced and blueprinted race engine by  L&M ENGINES of PA, USA .   The engine was built up to 1000+ WHP and 6 speed tranny (1500 hp) plus all other modifications to the car from roll bar to seats, brakes, suspension etc. 

Placed third in the Targa Newfoundland 2011 when it ran for Autism Awareness. The puzzle pieces represent autism.  Each puzzle piece was a sticker with a child’s name on the Autism Spectrum.

It does great burnouts too though you will need new tires each time!

The car currently runs on race gas.   The original seats are included as well as an extra pulley and belt to drop hp to high 700s to enable car to run on premium gas with octane boost.

The dash is signed by Carroll Shelby and not the plaque or small signature you normally see.  A photo of the original owner and Carroll Shelby signing the dash is available.   

This car has had over $100,000 of modifications as follows :

  • Modular Ford 5.4 GT 500 short block assembly. 
  • Steel crank.
  • Manley H-Beam rods w/2000 bolts.
  • Manley forged pistons.
  • Moly rings, race rod and main bearings.
  • Custom ARP main studs for 8 bolt windage tray, re-honed w/stress plate, align honed, balanced, blueprinted.  
  • FRPP Ford GT wet sump block – special sourcing due to FRPP back order.  
  • Ferrea super alloy exhaust valves.
  • Ferrea super alloy intake valves.


  • Kenne Bell Mammoth 3.6 litre liquid cooled supercharger.  
  • (Rare) Texas Mile cold air intake 5′ (same intake used to set GT 500 world record).  
  • Kenne Bell oval 168 mm throttle body rated for 1200 WHP.
  • Diablosport MAFia. 
  • Innovators West 10% under drive pulley.  
  • JLT in line separator.
  • All Gates racing micro V belts SC and alternator. 

Drive Train 

  • Built transmission.
  • Spec R Puck clutch and flywheel.
  • Tranzilla gears. 
  • Custom racing drive shaft.
  • Ford racing 3.55 gears. 
  • Strange differential. 
  • Strange axles.
  • Strange studs. 

Suspension and Brakes 

  • Eibach Pro Series damper front and rear. 
  • Eibach Pro Series sway bars front and rear. 
  • Fays2 suspension rear pro kit.
  • Shelby 6 piston front brakes with SS lines and drilled and slotted rotors.
  • Shelby 6 piston rear brakes and SS lines and drilled and slotted rotors.
  • Half cage installed.
  • Corbeau racing seats. 


  • American racing headers. 
  • Shelby KR mufflers. 
  • 2.5′ custom intermediate pipe.

 Cooling and Fuel

  • C&R Racing radiator. 
  • Twin racing radiator fans. 
  • Moroso power steering reservoir. 
  • Moroso racing coolant reservoir. 
  • Moroso racing coolant expansion tank.
  • Racing 165 degree thermostat.
  • Kenne Bell competition series boost A pump rated for 850 WHP.
  • 72 lbs injectors.
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